138th IPU Assembly

Geneva, 23-28 March 2018


Forum of Women Parliamentarians

27th session


Item 3                   Contributing to the work of the 138th Assembly from a gender perspective

Sustaining peace as a vehicle for achieving sustainable development


Senator Silvia DINICĂ

          Romanian IPU Group


Madam Chair,

Dear colleagues,


My name is Silvia DINICĂ, I am a member of the Senate of Romania.


I believe that one way to address the theme under debate is by focusing on sustaining peace, which leads us to the Women, Peace and Security agenda of the United Nations.


In this respect, it is important to underline that:


-       UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000) on Women, Peace and Security has introduced the concept of sustaining peace;


-       18 years after its adoption, the resolution remains as relevant as ever; sustaining peace cannot be achieved without integrating a gender perspective in all peace processes; this means enhanced participation of women in the decision-making, in conflict prevention, conflict resolution, peace-building and peace-keeping; it also means that women must be protected against gender-based violence and their special needs must be taken into consideration during armed conflicts;  


-       there have been progresses in implementing the UN Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda, and it is undeniable that women's participation in conflict prevention, conflict resolution and post-conflict reconstruction efforts has brought positive results;


-       nevertheless, there is still much to be done, and parliaments have an important role in ensuring that global commitments and obligations on WPS are integrated into domestic policies and laws.


I would like to add that my country is taking resolute steps towards integrating a gender dimension in the security and defense sector, including by increasing women's participation in decision-making positions, at national, regional and international levels.  


In 2014, we have adopted a 10-year National Action Plan for the implementation of Resolution 1325. The plan is based on the principle that gender dimension must be addressed not only as an objective in itself, but also as an important means for implementing peace and security policies and programmes.


To the same end, Romania has become a member of the Women, Peace and Security Focal Point Network. The network was created in 2016 with the aim to assist states and regional organisations to advance the WPS agenda, by exchanging best practices in areas such as the drafting and implementation of 1325 National Action Plans, post-conflict recovery, women´s leadership and participation, as well as by improving coordination of funding and assistance programs.


As far as the draft resolution is concerned, I would suggest some additions, inspired by my country's positive experience, as mentioned before.


The resolution invites parliaments to monitor the sustaining peace agenda. We should clearly state that this agenda must integrate a gender perspective.


At the same time, we might indicate that, when monitoring the sustaining peace agenda, parliaments should pay particular attention to the adoption and implementation of 1325 National Action Plans. 


This is particularly important because, according to the data available, at the end of 2017 only 38% of all UN Member States had UNSCR 1325 National Action Plans.


Another recommendation for parliaments would be to encourage the appointment, where the case may be, of Women, Peace and Security National Focal Points, as a means to promote sustaining peace.


Thank you for your attention !